"I think of you every time I look at ocean," he confessed. His words gave me wings. In my mind I'm hovering over the coastline, the sunset transforming water into liquid gold -- pink, yellow orange. I knew what the ocean meant to him. A veteran surfer who lived and breathed the salt water life. He looked at me- tan skin, bare shoulders, neck begging for kisses in the summer glow- a privilege only granted to the sun. My hair lifted into the evening breeze, ends dipped in blond. The way he looked at the ocean was as if he believed he belonged to the waves more than he belonged to the world. The same way he looked at me.

There's something about a merman that can put your heart into a trance. Time freezes, like the moment a barreling wave swallows you up. There you are on the bottom of the ocean floor, tossed around in a constant flow of chaos. Calmly, you let the moment take you until it spits you out onto dry land, where time begins again.

Some relationships have a lifespan shorter than the longest wave. Like a rising swell it rolls in unexpected then crashes into the breaking shore where it folds back into the ocean.

But relationships aren’t easy. They take time and perseverance like learning how to surf. You have some bad days and you learn to deal with frustration. You have some great days and you learn to enjoy the moment. But in the end you’re progress is determined by your level of commitment, passion, and love. You have to want it and give it all you got.

I want to be the kind of surfer girl that approaches relationships unhindered by fear of rejection and failure. I want to be a better friend and learn to value each opportunity to love someone. I want to be humbled constantly like the waves humble me and be reminded that I’m not perfect, but I am strong. I hope to be the kind of surfer girl that is noticed not because of my figure, but because of my genuine heart, free spirit and faithfulness in friendship. The right merman will come along, something about him will be distinct and when I look at him I'll know: he is my ocean, he's where I belong.