Here I stand on the edge of a cliff in Big Sur California, fulfilling a dream in my heart long awaited and a moment that made me feel so alive. As beautiful as this image is to me, it cannot even come close to what it truly felt like to be standing there. 

My friend once told me, "writing captures what we feel in a way a picture never could." With words we can paint the invisible. With a pen in my hand and a blank page before me I become my own hero, saving me from myself and the fear that held me silent. Writing gives us the courage to say things on paper that we do not have the strength to give voice to. If pictures are the thing that take your breath away, perhaps writing is the thing that gives you breath.

I believe words have a way of making us come alive.

And so I hope that is what you find: life. The kind that is real, felt and satisfying. That you may read what is written and say, "I have always felt that way", or in contrast, feel something you've never felt before. That these words may be a breath of life and provoke something deep within you, perhaps you never knew was there.