If you are single, truly BE single, with all that you are.

I've been thinking a lot about singleness lately. There's this construction sign that I drive by every night after work. It says, "Single lane ahead." Every time I see it, in my head I think, "Yes, thank you for the reminder. Like I needed another one. Single lane for life!" Haha, I'm almost 25 & have never had a boyfriend. To some that might sound crazy. To others, especially young Christian girls, that might sound totally normal & even relieving to know you're not alone. I've appreciated being single, but can't say I ever thrived at it-- that is until now. Within the last few years my outlook on life has taken new shape. I've come to realize I like being single. I mean I REALLY like it! And I don't say that because I don't have options- let's be real people, I know I'm cute ;) I mean I actually HAVE the choice & I WANT to be single right now (& I don't mean that pridefully) I'm enjoying it now more than I ever have.

Why though? I don't think I can pinpoint it to just one thing, but a change I made in the last year was to stop expecting Mr.Right to make a dramatic entrance into my life. I decided to start pursuing adventure & truly LIVING! I learned to be so thankful for the opportunity to be ALONE! Yes, it IS an OPPORTUNITY! This season will pass by & in a blink I will be living the life I have only imagined. I know this because I am now living in the dreams of my teenage years. This season is so beautiful & I'm thankful for it, but I've also had my low seasons where it seemed like every three months I'd be harboring a new heartbreak. Or even the seasons when you really are single by default, have no options & the only guys asking for your number are gangsters at grocery stores or old men in traffic! Needless to say, by the grace of God, I've come this far.

And so I want to encourage you: If you are single, truly BE single, with all that you are. With your thoughts & with your desires. Don't lose your head in the clouds about a future you COULD have. Instead, look at what you DO have! Connect with the relationships that are real. Meet people without a personal agenda. Don't try to manipulate situations so that they are in your favor. But on the other end, don't be passive. Go boldly & courageously after the dream that's in your heart. Pour your heart into friendships- give without return. Sacrifice & serve in secret. Be single for however long your heart desires. And when it's time- fearlessly embrace the unknown & uncharted territory of COMMITMENT. Run wild, free & recklessly abandon those alone years for a new life of togetherness.

Experience real love, the choice of it & the force by which nothing can stop it!

Dating & marriage will bring new joy & new challenges. But for now we have the joy & challenges of singleness to behold. So, single girl/guy, pace yourself well in this moment. Enjoy it. Relish in it. Laugh your head off. Do daring things. Go on dates. Dance like a fool. Travel to places & earmark this season with priceless memories that will fill the storybook of your life- stories that you will tell your children's children.

Amidst my joy, I am still excited for the day when I have a boyfriend & don't have to awkwardly arrange a ride to the airport, or have that content-in-singleness talk AGAIN with that Christian girl that found her "one". But I know soon enough, that day WILL come. So for now I'll ask a friend to drive me to LAX & offer to pay her in chocolate chip cookies. I'll have that awkward talk a thousand more times & even smile & nod my head because in this moment, right now, this very second, I'm smiling not because one day my prince will come, but because right now I am at rest with my life- I am single & I like it!