FG Stories

These are stories of girls who have faced their fears and achieved their dreams through the Fearless Girl community.


Interns: Summer of 2016


"The past two months have been amazing interning with Fearless Girl! Over the course of several lessons we learned how to face our fears and achieve our dreams. I mean, that is Fearless Girls' mission, and that's what happened! We got to experience doing life together and working through the obstacles we were faced with. One of the highlights was being able to volunteer at Walking on Water Overnight Surf camps. We got the opportunity to connect with lots of girls, share about our love for Jesus, and of course surf our brains out. The whole time out here I've been astounded by the love God has for us!"


"Over the summer I was fortunate enough to be a part of the Fearless Girl Co team as an intern. I was surrounded by strong women with open hearts and the mission to help girls face their fears and achieve their dreams. Despite coming in to the program a little late, I was welcomed and brought on board with so much support and guidance, that it did not hinder the internship experience. Being part of the Fearless Girl program I was opened to a community of other creative, determined and empowering girls with the mission of empowering and helping girls. At the end of the program, the outreach events truly reflected how the work the Fearless Girls team truly impacts the local community. I would recommend any girl that wants to explore their purpose in life or has the yearn to do something great in this world to take on the Fearless Girl Internship Experience. They better be ready for the laughs and adventures that come with it."


"This summer I feel like I was stretched so much! I did things that pushed me past my comfort zone and I'm happy I was given the opportunity to learn and grow. I love what Fearless Girl is about and I see the need for it within the community. A lot of dreams of mine were fulfilled this summer- I even went skydiving! I'm so grateful that I was able to be a part of what is being accomplished through Fearless Girl as an intern."


Fearless Girls 2014-2016


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Ann Marie

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"Fearless Girl has been a wonderful part of my life since I was introduced and welcomed into the community a couple of years ago.  Meeting other girls who surf was amazing, because I was no longer afraid to paddle out when there were only guys in the water and it was super fun!!  It is so rad to surf in a group of encouraging and friendly girls who are supporting each other, and not competing with one another.  I love that Fearless Girl works to encourage people to overcome their fears, and it has been inspiring to witness this happening in the water and on land.  Fearless Girl has also opened my eyes to the volume of human trafficking that occurs today, and I appreciate that the group is working to fight this problem."


"About a year ago, I hit what I would define as one of the lowest points in my life: I had stopped surfing, I had stopped writing, and I had completely strayed from my faith. I'm not sure what divine intervention encouraged me to reach out to the founder of Fearless Girl via social media and ask her to meet me for pizza. During that initial meeting, we talked about fear and I realized how much my fears were paralyzing me and keeping me from doing what I loved. Through the help and support of members of the Fearless Girl community, I was able to slowly wade back into my interests and believe that I could positively affect other women the way that the Fearless Girls had affected me. I am back in the water, but this time, focused on the heart of surfing and not the vanity of it. I am writing daily, and am very close to releasing a web series. And I am working at a Catholic school where I get to influence young members of the community daily and teach them about Christ's love. I don't know where I would be today without Fearless Girl. I feel very blessed to have such a diverse, strong support system that I know I can call on at any time of the day. "


"Fearless Girl appeared to me, on the beach out of nowhere when I had just moved to Orange County and I didn't have many friends. I met Esther while wandering around on the beach, alone. I started meeting up with the group of girls that surfed together Wednesday mornings. As we got more comfortable, it was fun seeing the women every week and catching up about work, school, life and love. Fearless Girl became an important source of light for my life. Through Fearless Girls, I was able to develop friendships with awesome and active women surfers during a critical period of my life."


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