You were made for adventure. You were made to be fearless.

The Fearless Girl book offers daily inspiration identifying 30 different fears and serves as a guide to help you face your fears and achieve your dreams.  Taking you through exciting stories of adventure and real life experiences, author's Ebie and Esther share the formula on how to become fearless through life's challenges. 





Esther Marie


Ebie Hepworth


With an extensive background in youth outreach, mentorship & anti-human trafficking initiatives, Esther founded Fearless Girl as a tool to inspire a life of adventure & purpose for young women. She is passionate about helping girls find freedom from fear & discovering their true identity. A writer, surf instructor & entrepreneur, Esther lives in Huntington Beach, California where she works in collaboration with A21 & OC Task Force Against Human Trafficking.

Ebie Hepworth’s passionate, relatable and faith-filled outlook on life has encouraged women all across the globe. Ebie is the USA Director of Operations for Wipe Every Tear and has helped bring hope and healing to women rescued from the sex trade in Southeast Asia. Ebie and her husband Zac live in Boise, Idaho with their french bulldog, Atlas, and are in the process of adopting two sweet babies from West Africa.


What girls are saying about the Fearless Girl Book:

I’m completely loving Fearless Girl! Such a fun and practical way to learn how to live fearless.
— Olivia
My goal is to be fearless for my daughter & family & myself. I struggle from PTSD after my daughters previous hospitalizations and it truly wrecks me. Im slowly recognizing and trying to work through my fears to help better my life with a child who has many special needs.
— Lizzie
Through your book I’ve learned to enjoy myself again and embrace the present. I’m gonna continue my journey to be fearless.
— McKenzie
I’m 61 years old, but still need to find my inner fearless girl as I’m embarking on a new project and phase of life. You guys are inspiring.
— June